Sedum, Vera Jameson

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The Vera Jameson is a mound growing succulent with maroon branching stems and reddish-purple rounded leaves. It can grow to 12″ (30cm) in height and spread about 22″ (55cm) in diameter. The pretty pink-ish blooms appear in dense spherical clusters in late summer to early fall. This succulent needs excellent draining soil with minimum watering and at least 6 hours of full sun per day. The best way to ensure proper watering is to soak the soil around the plant completely, then let it dry completely before soaking again. If grown in a pot repotting should occur occasionally, and only be done in the spring. Propagating the Vera Jameson can easily be done by division or cutting. It is best to divide the plant in spring to early summer and cuttings should only be done in summer. The hardiness zones of this succulent are 4a-9b as this plant is heat and drought tolerant as well as cold-hardy.