Sedum adolphii, Golden Glow

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Golden Glow Sedum is a succulent shrub with reaching or trailing stems covered in yellow-green leaves that take on red-ish hues in full sun. In ideal conditions this succulent produces clusters of white star-shaped flowers atop reaching stems, in late winter to spring. The ideal conditions of this succulent are light, well-draining soil, placed somewhere to receive bright full sun with some filtered shade, and proper watering.  Once mature the Golden Glow Sedum can measure 10″ (25cm) tall and can spread about 2″ (60cm). This succulent is ideal for hanging baskets, green roofs, and rock gardens due to its rapid spreading and trailing nature. Propagation can easily be done by taking leaf and stem cuttings. The hardiness zones of the Golden Glow Sedum are 9a-11b.