Gardening Fall & Winter

  • alabama strawberry
    When to Plant Strawberries in Alabama
    When to Plant Strawberries in Alabama Before you start planting strawberry plants, it’s important to check their hardiness zone. Strawberries are a perennial plant that can be grown year round in zones 5-9. For zones 4 & 10, strawberries are considered an annual plant which means they must be replanted each year. Check out this list of states with their corresponding strawberry hardiness zone! Alabama is Zone 7. In this blog post, we’ll look at the strawberry planting zone and how to successfully plant strawberries. We will …
  • Plant Nutrition Deficiencies
    Plant nutrient deficiencies can be diagnosed by examining the foliage. Most symptoms will show up on older leaves. Healthy plants require nutrients that can be adversely affected by many environmental conditions.
  • pansy viola growing alabama
    Pansies and Violas in Alabama
    The Southeastern climate can be a challenge for growing pansies and violas in the Fall. Well maintained pansy and viola plantings can provide color from October to April in Alabama.
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