Locally grown plants using responsible and sustainable growing practices

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and improve the quality of air we breathe daily. They also increase property values and make a better first impression at the front door. Gardening is an ideal exercise, promoting physical activity and stimulating the senses. No matter if it’s one plant or one thousand, the benefits are clear – plants are good for the environment, good for you and great for future generations!

  • Well-landscaped homes are more valuable
  • Plants improve health and performance
  • Public greenscapes provide community value and prosperity

There are many choices of sustainable container materials on the market these days, most of which break down rapidly when exposed to water and heat. We still believe plastic is the best container material to use for growing plants. Please return empty pots and trays to your place of purchase, so that we may reuse, reduce, recycle.

Plant Nutrition Deficiencies

Plant nutrient deficiencies can be diagnosed by examining the foliage. Most symptoms will show up on older leaves. Healthy plants require nutrients that can be adversely affected by many environmental conditions.
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