Senecio peregrinus, String of Dolphins



The String of Dolphins is a vining succulent with small, folded leaves that look like leaping dolphins. This interesting plant is often found thriving in hanging pots indoors. The necessities of this plant are well-draining soil, access to full bright sunlight for majority of the day, and proper watering. This consists of allowing the soil to dry completely between deep thorough waterings. The String of Dolphins plant may bloom sporadically in spring and summer and can also flower unexpectedly when cultivated indoors, producing a small cluster of white-ish blooms. At maturity this succulent can measure 1-2′ tall/long and 6-12″ wide. It is advisable to repot this plant only every few years into a marginally larger pot with fresh soil, as being somewhat root-bound can promote blooming. If the plant becomes too leggy and is missing “dolphins” near the base or needs more encouragement to thrive pruning is recommended in late spring and early summer. It is also best to propagate during the start of the warmer months. Propagation can be done by placing stem cuttings in water or soil. The hardiness zones of the String of Dolphins are 9-11.