• alabama strawberry
    When to Plant Strawberries in Alabama
    When to Plant Strawberries in Alabama Before you start planting strawberry plants, it’s important to check their hardiness zone. Strawberries are a perennial plant that can be grown year round in zones 5-9. For zones 4 & 10, strawberries are considered an annual plant which means they must be replanted each year. Check out this list of states with their corresponding strawberry hardiness zone! Alabama is Zone 7. In this blog post, we’ll look at the strawberry planting zone and how to successfully plant strawberries. We will …
  • When to Plant Peach Trees in Alabama
    When to Plant Peach Trees in Alabama
    When to Plant Peach Trees in Alabama When selecting a peach tree to grow in your garden, it is important to choose the variety that is best suited for your area and purpose. Peach trees are originally from China and can be temperamental with their blossoms. Some peach trees are more suitable for fresh eating, while others are better for canning and making preserves. There are hundreds of peach varieties, each one adapted to a particular region or purpose. Peach trees are best planted November until March in Alabama. …
  • okra in alabama
    When to Plant Okra in Alabama
    When to Plant Okra in Alabama Okra or Lady’s finger is a popular vegetable that is widely grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions across the world. It has been a staple food for many people in African, Asian and Indian communities for centuries. With regular care and right growing conditions, okra plants can be productive throughout the Alabama growing season, even during summer months. The key to growing okra successfully in your garden is selecting the right variety that suits the climatic conditions of your area. We’ve …
  • Plant Nutrition Deficiencies
    Plant nutrient deficiencies can be diagnosed by examining the foliage. Most symptoms will show up on older leaves. Healthy plants require nutrients that can be adversely affected by many environmental conditions.
  • pansy viola growing alabama
    Pansies and Violas in Alabama
    The Southeastern climate can be a challenge for growing pansies and violas in the Fall. Well maintained pansy and viola plantings can provide color from October to April in Alabama.
  • Kale: The Perfect Vegetable to Grow in Your Garden
    Kale: The Perfect Vegetable to Grow in Your Garden Need a easy to grow leafy green to add to your garden, kale is a great choice. Kale is hardy and can withstand cold weather, so it’s a good option for gardeners in colder climates. Kale also grows well in containers, so it’s a good choice for urban gardeners or those with limited space. Kale comes in several varieties, so be sure to choose the variety that best suits your needs. Some varieties are more heat tolerant than others, so if you live in a warm climate, be sure to choose a …
  • Hibiscus Ballet Slippers
    Hardy Hibiscus: How to Grow and Care for These Magnificent Flowers
    Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos If you’re looking for a beautiful, long-blooming flower to add to your garden, look no further than the hardy hibiscus! These magnificent blooms come in a variety of colors, and can be grown in almost any climate. In this blog post, we will discuss how to grow and care for these flowers. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right variety for your needs. So read on to learn more about these amazing plants! What are Hardy Hibiscus? Hardy hibiscus are a type of …
  • zinnia
    Growing Zinnia Organically
    Growing Zinnia Organically Zinnias (Zinnia elegans) have been around for a long time and for good reason; their large, long-lasting blooms and care-free growing habits. The layers of colorful petals which make up each bloom are long-lasting when left in the garden or when used as a cut flower. Heat resistant and drought tolerant, zinnias make a perfect addition to an organic garden. Planting Location Choose a location that is in full sun and has well draining soil. Work some compost or humus into the soil before planting to ensure soil is …
  • ipomoea sweet potato
    Growing Ornamental Sweet Potatoes Organically
    Ornamental sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) vines don’t produce edible vegetables, but they do produce an attractive vine. The vine is suitable for use as a houseplant or for growing in an outside hanging basket. They thrive in the intense heat of summer and come in a wide range of colors. Their easy-care nature and low-growing vining habits make them a great addition to an organic garden. When planted among taller shrubs and plants, ornamental sweet potato vines act as a living mulch that helps retain soil moisture and keep weeds from …
  • geranium
    Growing Geraniums Organically
    Growing Geraniums Organically The popular and colorful geranium (Pelargonium) is a sure sign that summer has arrived. Geraniums come in many forms, colors and growing heights with well over 400 species of plants that are in the family of Cranesbills. Easy-to-grow plant thrives in an organic garden and will provide bloom color all summer. Geraniums are considered to be an annual, but typically behave as a perennials when grown organically. Growing Location Select a sunny location that has well-draining soil. Geraniums grow well in containers or …
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