Sedum rubens, Lizard

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The Lizard Sedum creates a compact mound of needle-like foliage, ideal for a low groundcover or container planting. The leaf tips turn a rosy-pink, adding a splash of color throughout the season, and small white star-like flowers bloom from mid to late summer that attract bees and butterflies to any garden. At maturity this succulent will measure about 4″ (10cm) tall and about 10″ (25cm) in spread.The Lizard Sedum thrives in well-drained gritty soil, benefits from full sun exposure for the majority of the day and requires thorough watering only once the surrounding soil has completely dried out. It is beneficial to remove dead flowers and unhealthy foliage in the fall to ensure the plants success in the next season. This succulent can be easily propagated by seed or cuttings. The hardiness zones of the Lizard Sedum are 8-11, meaning it is incredibly drought and heat tolerant.