Kalanchoe marnieriana, Mariner’s Kalanchoe



Mariner’s Kalanchoe is a succulent subshrub that boasts coin-like blueish green colored leaves that grow opposite of one another on the plants stem that can sometimes take on soft wine-colored outlines during the winter months if conditions are ideal. When in bloom, from winter to late spring, this succulent produces many red-orange tube shaped flowers that hang on reaching stems above the plant. Once mature, this succulent can measure up to 18″ (46cm) tall and 36″ (91cm) wide, with the blooms about 1.4″ (3.5cm) long. The ideal growing conditions of this plant are well-draining soil, placed somewhere out of direct light as intense sunlight can burn the tips of the leaves, and proper watering. This consists of allowing the surface of the soil to dry out between thorough waterings during the cooler months and reducing to occasional watering in the summer months. These succulents need to be repotted every few years to easily draining pots with new soil to ensure the plant continues to thrive. Propagation can easily be done by taking stem cuttings and should be done in the spring or summer. The Mariner’s Kalanchoe is not a cold hardy plant and has hardiness zones from 9a-11a.