Cactus, Bunny Ears



Opuntia microdasya. Native to Mexico the Bunny Ears cactus gets its name from its distinctive appearance that is suggestive of bunny ears. This an extremely hardy plant that requires little to no care, so long that it is potted in sandy well-draining soil, positioned to receive 6-8 hours of bright direct sunlight per day, and is watered appropriately. Being a desert native cactus, this plant can survive weeks without water so ensure the soil is thoroughly dry before watering again. Brown spots or patches indicate too much light where a plant appearing weak and leggy can indicate the cactus has not received enough sunlight. With the right conditions the Bunny Ears cactus can grow to be 2-3′ tall and 4-5′ wide and produce yellowish-white or pink blooms in the summer. The hardiness zones of the Bunny Ears cactus are 9a-11b. This cactus requires warm, dry conditions and cannot tolerate frost or excessive humidity.