Kalanchoe, Maltese Cross



Native to Madagascar the Maltese Cross is a succulent with stout stems that end with large, rippled leaves. At maturity it can grow to be 12′ (3.6m) tall. The leaves are covered with tiny soft hairs, making them feel fuzzy to the touch and causing them to appear brownish in color. The leaves themselves can be as big as 16″ (40 cm) long and 12″ wide (30 cm). Once mature the plant will produce many small greenish-pink or green-yellow colored flowers in loose reaching clusters in the winter. The Maltese Cross needs gravelly, free draining soil and ample shade. Watering should occur moderately during growing season (fall to winter) and should be reduced in the hottest summer months and in winter. The hardiness zones for the Maltese Cross are 10-12.