Crassula perfoliata, Pagoda Variegated



Crassula perfoliata. Native to south Africa the Variegated Pagoda is an interesting succulent shrub with stacked triangular leaves that can be shades of light and dark green and sometimes outlined with orange or red hues. This plant blooms in the spring presenting small pale-yellow flowers. In order to thrive the Variegated Pagoda needs to be planted in well draining soil, placed in full to partial sun, and needs proper watering. Water as needed, being sure the soil the plant is in does not stay wet for an extended period of time and that the pot is not sitting in standing water. This small quickly growing plant reaches maturity at about 18″ (45cm) tall with the leaves growing to be 1.3″ (3.3cm) long and 0.8″ (2cm) wide. Repot plants as necessary, ideally during the warm season. The hardiness zones of this succulent are 9a-11b.