Aloe, White Fox



Native to South Africa grows in the shape similar to the traditional Aloe plant, but is covered in hundreds of little white spots. A mature White Fox plant will only grow to be 3-6″tall and  6-12″ wide. This succulent requires at least 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight; direct sunlight for any extended period of time will cause brown spots or burn marks to appear, and not enough sun will result in pale-ish yellow-colored leaves. Watering requirements vary from plant to plant but a key sign that the succulent is ready for water is if the soil the plant is in is completely dry. Overwatering will lead to root rot and the leaves becoming yellow or brown and mushy. Underwatering will cause the plant to become brown and wilted and stop growing. During the growing season (spring and summer) it its typical to water the White Fox plant once a week, while in the dormant season (fall and winter) only water every two weeks. The hardiness zone of this plant is zone 10.