Sempervivum; Hens and Chicks, Royal Ruby



The Royal Ruby is a petite succulent known for its vibrant ruby red hue, accented by varying shades of green along the edges, outlined with tiny hair-like spines. It may take a couple years, but the Royal Ruby eventually produces star-shaped flowers during the summer. At maturity this succulent is about 4″ tall and 10″ wide with new, smaller clusters growing at the base of the mother plant. Naturally after the mother plant has bloomed it will die, but the plant will have produced many offsets. This is where the name “Hen and Chicks” comes from, the offsets are clustered around the mother plant similar to mother hen and her baby chicks. Offsets may be transplanted, ideally in the warmer months, or allowed to naturally form a dense mat. The Royal Ruby flourishes in rocky, well-drained soil, in a location that receives ample sunlight throughout the day. Watering is recommended roughly once a week during the hot summer and once a month during the cooler winter. Its hardiness zones range from 3 to 9.