Sedum hakonense, Chocolate Ball

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Chocolate Ball Sedum is a mat-forming, semi-evergreen perennial with chocolate-red colored, needle-like leaves that take on a rich red hue when the temperatures begin to cool in the fall. When provided with ideal growing conditions this succulent produces vivid yellow prickly appearing flowers that begin blooming in summer and continue into early fall. These bright yellow blooms are highly attractive to bees and butterflies, drawing them to any garden. At maturity these plants measure about 3″ (8cm) tall and 12″ (30cm) wide. The ideal conditions of the Chocolate Ball Sedum are well-drained, gravelly soil, placed somewhere to receive bright light for majority of the day, and thorough watering allowing the soil to dry between waterings in the summer and sparingly in the winter. The Chocolate Ball Sedum is heat and drought tolerant and has the hardiness zones 6a-9b.