Senecio rowleyanus, String of Pearls



The String of Pearls is a hanging or trailing succulent that has tiny pea shaped leaves that grow on trailing stems. The stems on this succulent can grow to be 1-2′ long and produce white blooms in the summer that are known to smell of cinnamon. The non-variegated variety of the String of Pearls grows much faster than the variegated variety, growing about 15″ per year, and will not live long without propagation. When repotting be sure to never repot in the winer months. This plant thrives in sandy well drained soil with a combination of full to partial sunlight. Watering should occur more often in the growing season and less often in the dormant season. Underwatering is more uncommon with this variety but overwatering can cause discoloration in the leaves and the plant to become mushy. The String of Pearls cannot handle temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the hardiness zones are 9-12.